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When you need new eyeglasses, you probably don’t want to wait days or even weeks for them to arrive. That’s why Parrelli Optical® is simplifying the process with the on-site lab at the West Roxbury, Massachusetts, location. Experienced optometrist Yanpeng Ding, OD, determines the ideal lens prescription for you, and the in-house team of experts creates and cuts the lenses. You can get most single-vision glasses the same day as your eye exam, so don’t delay.

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The Parrelli Optical lab creates eyeglass lenses and cuts them on-site. To offer patients the very best in lenses and frames, the team has earned a variety of certifications and distinctions, including Oakley and Carl Zeiss Vision certifications. 

Parrelli Optical also uses industry-leading lens designs from Essilor® and employs the latest digital lens technology from Shamir® as they create lenses on-site. 

Digital lens manufacturing leader Digital Lens Lab used design concepts from the Parrelli Optical lab and applied computer-driven lens advances to create a brand-new generation of state-of-the-art high definition glasses lenses.

It depends on what kind of frames and lenses you choose, how complex your prescription is, and whether you have any customizations. Parrelli Optical can make many glasses the same day as your eye exam if they’re single-vision lenses. When you select your new frames, your Parrelli Optical care provider will let you know when your glasses will be ready. 

Absolutely! Many Parrelli Optical patients need special lens coatings, such as blue light blocking, anti-fog, and anti-glare. Just talk to your optician about your lifestyle and needs so they can recommend the right lens coatings for you. 

Yes, Parrelli Optical offers a one-year quality assurance warranty. This includes a 30-day unconditional guarantee, during which time you can return your glasses for either a refund or an adjustment for any reason at all. 

All scratch-resistant and reflection-free lenses are covered for one year. This coverage extends to scratching caused by normal use. A $30 per lens lab fee applies to replacements. 

All glasses frames are covered for one year. If your frame breaks or cracks, Parrelli Optical repairs or replaces it for a $40 dispensing fee.

If you ever need a glasses adjustment, the team performs it free of charge. 

The Parrelli Optical lab crafts superior-quality lenses and creates your new custom eyeglasses on-site. They’re here to give you a comfortable and easy eye care experience, so don’t hesitate to get in touch by phone or through the online appointment tool now.

Absolutely! Call the store directly to schedule your visit and we can repair them same day for you.